Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Tomorrow (BP #4)

It amazes me how much technology is being use and how much difference it has made in the student’s education.  I know that most students have some form of device where they can look thing up via smart phone or tablet.  Technology is changing everything and we as teacher need to learn to adapt and use the tool that are being available via the internet.  I am not surprise that so many students have either a smart phone or a tablet and so I hope that it does not become a problem. 
After watching the video “Is Anyone Listening,” nothing that the students shared really surprised me.  I also wish that we had more resources available other than just relaying on the book.  I will be ok with having the students use a form of mobile device but there has to be restrictions.  Technology can most definitely help the student’s education, but like all thing there are pros and cons.  We must learn to be flexible and figure out ways to help develop our student’s education.
I would love to do a project like “YouthTEACH2learn.”  One thing that I didn’t know was that the high school students would go to an elementary to teach the younger generations.  It is good to know that a program like this can benefit so many lives.  My goal is to implement some type of project like this at my school.



  1. Ben,
    I agree that there will be pros and cons to letting kids use there devices. Have you thought of ways to manage the usage so that its effective in the classroom? That is something that I am struggling with.

  2. Hey Ben,

    I felt the same way about the "YouthTEACH2learn" program. I thought it is a great way to involve students from high school to work with the elementary students. It is a great way for older students to give back and work within the community. Both the high school and elementary school students benefit from this program. I remember having a program at my middle school called cross age tutoring where we went to an elementary school and helped out. It was a great experience and this seems like a similar program. Hopefully you will be able to get a program started at your school in the future. Have you thought of ways to try and get this program started at your school?

    - Miichael Corle