Monday, November 5, 2012

Blog post #3

At this point, I think creativity occurs during the activities.  My students are allow to work and share with a partner.  They are allow to share ideas and answers so that if one gets stuck the other one is their to guide them.  Since my student are allow to work together, I believe that were critical thinking and problem solving also occurs.  I make sure that my students have the opportunity to check their answer with their partner and then with students around them.  There have been a few times where some students don't agree with each other.  They know that they can discuss their answer with out being judgmental of others.  I believe that communication, discussion, and collaboration occurs almost on a daily basis.  My students understand that they can ask question if their not understanding something from the material.  I have an open door policy so if they are struggling with something, they can come to me for guidance.

I try to teach literacy every day in my class.  Since it's a language class, understanding and knowing the language is important to their learning so I try do different strategies so that they understand the material.  At this point, I am trying to implement more technology into my class.  For now, I am doing more my presentation with either PowerPoint or prezi.  It has allow me to walk around the room while I am presenting and assess my students if they are understanding the material. 

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