Saturday, September 8, 2012

Literacy Project

  1. How often do you read on your own?
  2. What do you like to read?
  3. What do you hate to read?
  4. At times, do you have problems reading the textbook? Why?
  5. Was reading enforced often when you were growing up? Explain?
  6. If you like to read, what strategies do you use?
  7. If you don't like to read, what do you like to do instead?


My assignment was to get to know my student's literacy habits strengths and struggles.  The questions above were the questions I asked them and I got some interesting results  and in away I already knew what they were going to answer.  In a class of 20 students, about 5 of them actually like to read on their own.  Everybody else either hated reading or only read for homework assignments.  What was interesting was how much my students and I have in common.  We seem to read stuff that we enjoy from horror to reading Facebook and twitter.  What was interesting was that most of them were force to read by their parents.  In my case, I wasn't and as I get older, I wish my parents had push me to read more.  I understand that we got to push our children to be better, but I believe that it needs to be done carefully.  In the case of my students, if they were forced then yes, most of them will hate reading because it may bring back bad memories.  I will definitely will push my son but I will push him  in a proper way so that he doesn't grow up hating it.  

Most of my students would rather play video games, dance, draw, hang out with friends, ride bikes, play sports, board games, and play instruments.  Most of all of this is good and is a good way to find yourself and at times, blow off some steam.  Like like I said earlier, forcing kids to read needs to be properly manage.  One of my student said this "I like to read but when I don't I would draw people(portraits) and dance."  I hope that my son grows to be more like this student and not like me because her parents did it the right way.  We as parents need to see our kids abilities and help them and not force it down down on them.  Some will be good at sports while others will excel in academics or both, drawing, or reading.  Something will grab their attention and we got to be their to guide them.

This allowed me to see what my students struggled with and is something else we share in common.  We hate reading textbooks mostly because they are boring.  I know some material you can't make them fun, but as a teacher I somehow have learn to make the material go from boring to fun.  I have a big challenge ahead of me and I just hope I do a good job.                

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