Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Even though I saw many injustices at my school site, one stood out the most.  This is a picture of one of the boys bathroom.  In the building that I am in, there are two.  One on each level.  Well it turns out that both bathrooms are permanently close.  There are total of 6 boys bathrooms in the whole school and only 2 are open.  I asked why they were close and I was told that when the school first opened, they had a lot of fights in the boys bathrooms so in order to control it, they closed all boys bathrooms except 2.  Now all boys have to go to the middle of the school to go to the bathroom.  My building in in the back end of the school so  if any guy or boy want to go to the bathroom they have to go from the back to the middle of the school.  I don't think this is right, I mean even for me if I have to go to the restroom I have to go to the staff bathroom when I could just use the one that is right outside of my building.  I get it, the school is trying to prevent bad behavior from the students, but closing the bathroom permanently, REALLY, that's the best idea they can come up with?


  1. It must be challenging when something that should not take as long actually does. I believe this might take time from the student's learning. They could originally be nearby and return to class right away. How unfortunate that now that valuable time is used walking to and from the bathroom.

  2. I agree that this is a serious injustice! When i first read it , i thought it was going to be a budget thing (like everything else!).
    Our students have sufficient restrooms but their "hall passes" are a bacteria disaster. The students get bathroom passes attached to their planners and have the teacher sign it and have to bring their planners with them to the bathroom. How gross! Where are they supposed to put it while they are in the restroom? On the floor? Ewwww :/ They def need to open up these restrooms at your school. I think fights are probably much less frequent now. right?

  3. Wow, injustice for sure. I wonder what the bathroom line looks like during the breaks?! Just imagine, a student who has a class farthest away from one of those two open bathrooms will miss some critical instructional content provided to the class during his absence.